Credit Crad Bill Pay :-

One of the important aspects to remember when using a credit card is to clear the outstanding balance on time.

When a credit card statement is generated, the bank sends a message with the total outstanding and the date of payment.

After that, it is our responsibility to remember the due date and pay accordingly. If we do not pay the credit card bill on time, we will have to pay the late payment fee along with the associated interest. In addition, any new expenditure we spend on the card charges interest until the outstanding is cleared.

All of this will add up to your actual credit card bill and make it huge. Therefore, paying your credit card bills on time is essential to keep your credit card under control.

Card issuers provide various online and offline channels to pay your credit card bills with ease and convenience. However, choosing the right channel is important because the processing time varies for each.

Listed below are the various online and offline modes for making credit card payments. Not all methods are offered by every bank or card issuer. Depending on your card provider, you can select one and plan your payment accordingly.

Credit card bill pay methods online :-

The Internet has simplified the way of paying bills. Almost all banks in India have internet banking facilities and some others are taking the help of third-party bill payment services to provide online payment channels.

Listed below are various options through which you can pay your credit card bill online.

  • Through internet banking.
  • NEFT / RTGS online fund transfer.
  • Via BillDesk.
  • Auto debit facility
  • Mobile wallet and payment system.